Controlled Dehumidification IMS provides a solution to excessive surgical suite humidity for both new construction and for most existing cooling-based mechanical air handling systems. By incorporating an ARID-Dry desiccant dehumidification system into the mechanical design for your hospital's operating suite, the air handling system can achieve recommended temperature and humidity control.

Desiccant Dehumidification for Hospital and Surgical Suites

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  Benefits of ARID-Dry desiccant dehumidifiers include:
  • Greater comfort for the physicians during surgical procedures
  • Independent humidity and temperature control
  • Removal of moisture upstream of any air handlers, allowing dry cooling coils
  • Surgical suite duct work stays dry to prevent mold growth
  • Desiccant dehumidifier can be added to hospital's existing mechanical system
  • Allows the hospital's chillers to operate more efficiently
  • Might allow additional chilled water loads without adding additional chiller capacity
  • Makes efficient use of wasted excess boiler capacity during summer, off peak seasons, by using steam for desiccant regeneration
  • Controlling latent loads with the desiccant system allows for precise and quick temperature changes (i.e., quicker cool down and recovery times)
  • No more fogging of microscope lens or surgeons' eyeglasses
  • No more "raining" from the operating room ceilings and/or fixtures
  • Units are available with an integral smoke-purge system

Hospital and Surgical Suites
Surgeons are requesting lower temperatures and humidity conditions in their operating rooms. Todays risks to surgical staff require full protective body suits to limit interaction of pathogens during extensive procedures. Using the ARID-Dry dedicated outside-air system, staff can improve operations with less risk to patients, by maintaining year-round stable temperature and humidity.

ARID-Dry Dehumidification Units
ARID-Dry dedicated outdoor desiccant air-supply units provide low-humidity discharge conditions necessary to maintain a dry environment. The interior spaces can then be conditioned by simply controlling the temperature. Another advantage of active desiccant technology is the ability to use natural gas or other economical heat source to reactivate the desiccant rotor.

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Desiccant Dehumidification for Hospital and Surgical Suites