CDH Series™(continued)
Climatic Testing Temperature and Humidity Control Equipment




  • Our standard is a microprocessor controller for reactivation rate and safeguard functions, and also for heating and cooling functions if these options are present. Terminal-strip connection points are included for customer use for alarming, monitoring, and for communication with a building management system. (Our microprocessor is a BAC-Net compatible device, and requires a gateway device to communicate.)

  • Each unit is ETL Listed and approved as a unit. Every item shipped carries a full ETL approval including all options in compliance with the current mechanical code. We also have the ETL-C listing for Canadian projects. On European projects, we can provide country-specific C-E approvals.

  • A communication port mounted to the unit exterior is standard for use with a diagnostic "View Port." Our service personnel carry this Viewport for startup and troubleshooting, and a customer version is available to assist site personnel.

  • The microprocessor reactivation controller maintains a constant burner-output temperature, so burning the desiccant rotor is unlike other manufactures. In addition, modulating via a reset schedule minimizes energy use. Full-rated performance is available in cool weather because it is not necessary to limit the firing rate as other manufacturers do.

  • Our units use combination circuit breaker/overload/starters for fan motors. This eliminates the need for spare power fuses, and saves the customer downtime because, if an upset occurs, a simple reset will bring the unit back online.

  • Reactivation temperature sensors are 500°F rated Platinum thermistors.

  • Our standard gas train on gas-fired units is an ANSI type, and includes inlet regulator, automatic main and pilot valves, an electronic modulating valve, in addition to safety manual valves.

  • A full-perimeter sprocket with a #40 molly chain drives our desiccant rotor. This is more durable than any other system on the market. >

  • Standard filters provided are minimum 30% efficient industrial pleated-style to insure a clean desiccant rotor. Additional filtration is available.

< Stabilized silica gel is permanently bonded to a low specific-heat substrate for long-lasting dehumidification performance at maximum efficiency.
The desiccant rotor rim and cassette are Stainless Steel for durability and strength.

< Our desiccant rotor seals are dual contact, Viton extruded seals, designed to extend the life of the unit. This is the most durable seal in the industry.

  • Our standard unit construction is G-90 galvanized Steel, double-wall, and insulated. It is very rugged, and includes airtight, gasketed access doors for access to components.
  • 2" standard or 4" standard, no-through metal wall with thermal break doors.
  • All doors are equipped with locking handles with common keyed access to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Multiple components and configurations provide a versatile unit to meet every application requirement.